Address: 605 Yonge Street

Two weeks ago, my girl Morgan shared an Insta post with me that featured a new Italian spot downtown called Dal Moro’s. 

Now if you know me well, you know how much I LOVE pasta!  

Judging by the yummy pictures and videos people were sharing, I could tell this wasn’t your average Italian restaurant.  

Dal Moro’s offered something that was unique and that was pasta-on-the-go!  

Intrigued by the concept, Morgan and I made our way to Bloor and Yonge to get a taste.  

Despite its tight space, the décor has a modern touch with hints of Italy displayed throughout.  


The set-up is neat and reminds me of Subway as there are displays of different types of pasta, sauce and toppings used to customize your meal. 

Dal Moro’s menu is also reasonably priced and clearly states its extra charges for add-ons like bacon bits, seafood and mozzarella cheese.  

photo 2018-08-14, 4 31 23 pm.jpeg

I was torn choosing my pasta and sauce. The manager recommended that I try the linguine in their popular Momma Rosa sauce and I ordered just that ($9). I added chicken, (extra charge - $1) chilli flakes, parmesan, and mozzarella cheese just to jazz it up. (extra charge - $1).

photo 2018-08-14, 5 03 48 pm.jpeg

Morgan ordered a creamy chicken Alfredo linguine ($12) topped with bacon bits (extra charge - $1) and the three standard toppings accompanied with a glass of sweet white wine. ($6) 


Our food tasted like heaven! The pasta was fresh and the sauce was flavourful!  

Dal Moro’s makes their pasta every morning using special machinery, offer three free toppings (chilli flakes, parmesan cheese, and green olives) and have vegan options.  

Aside from selling regular pops,  they also have a unique selection of drinks like the Masi Modello and Fantini Farnese wine.  

My favourite thing about this restaurant besides the awesome food and service, was the take-out boxes.  Don't let the small box fool you! They are deep and can store lots of pasta! You'll definitely be stuffed once you're done eating it. 

photo 2018-08-14, 4 42 55 pm.jpeg


Address: 619 College Street


Last week, I felt like indulging in a good-ole, hearty burger and I just so happened to come across an Instagram photo of Rudy’s on my explore page.   

Rudy is a minimalistic burger joint located on College between Clinton and Grace Street.  
This charismatic spot offers up a mean menu with simple food options like the "Rudy" burger.  

Image-2 (1).png

I was advised by the owner to get the “Rude Dude” ($8.99) - a well-done double cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato, and “Rudy Sauce.”   
It was amazing! The burger tasted so fresh and juicy! The patties were crispy, the cheese was melted to the tee, and the “Rudy Sauce” reminded me of McDonald’s Big Mac sauce – SO GOOD! 


A burger isn’t complete without fries. I also ordered skinny-cut fries ($3.49) with gravy ($1.49) and a thick Vanilla milkshake ($5). The fries tasted like regular fries and the milkshake literally tasted like creamy vanilla ice cream in a cup.  

Image (1).png

Unlike most restaurants, you’re able to see what goes into your food and how it is being prepared. What I loved the most about Rudy’s is that the patties are grilled right in front of you.


Rudy is a fairly large restaurant with a diner feel. The service is pretty quick and you get a lot of food for price you pay. 

Image-1 (1).png
Image (2).png

Here Is Something To Expect:  

Rudy takes all methods of payment except for credit. However, this restaurant is surrounded by many banks, so you can withdraw money at any point and time. 

If you’re having an intense burger craving, I recommend you head over to Rudy right now!  

PLEASE let me know how it went by commenting below! 

The White Brick Kitchen

Address: 641 Bloor Street West


The White Brick Kitchen is a chic and affordable diner located at the corner of Bloor and Euclid.

It's known for its Southern dynamic duo -- fried chicken and waffles. 


Yesterday, I checked out the restaurant with my girl, Ebonee. We ordered a poutine as an appetizer. For our main, we picked the chicken and waffles accompanied with mac and cheese.

I had high hopes for the poutine ($5). It smelled and looked good, but it was extremely salty! There was a lot of salt on the fries and the vegan gravy (yeah, I said vegan) didn’t help. 


This diner claims to have the best fried chicken in town and I’d agree! 

There are not many restaurants in Toronto that can nail chicken and waffles, but I must admit, White Brick Kitchen does with their flavourful chicken. 

What I loved the most about this diner is that they give you the option of having bone-in or boneless chicken. I personally don’t like bone-in chicken, so I ordered the 5-piece tenders to go with their buttermilk waffles ($13) and it was really good!

As a pasta-lover, the dried tomato mac and cheese did it for me. For $13, you get a big portion of cheesy fusilli pasta topped with chive and Ritz crackers in a deep dish. It doesn’t get better than that!


The White Brick Kitchen is a spacious restaurant with a great atmosphere. The staff is friendly and the service is efficient.

Image-10 (1).jpeg

Whenever you guys get the chance to check out White Brick Kitchen, PLEASE let me know how it went by commenting below! 


 Address: 568B Parliament Street


I could not wait to start Chelly Eats Too Much just so I could share this hidden gem with all of you.

Under The Table is an underground restaurant located on Parliament and Wellesley. It is where the Caribbean and comfort food meet. 

Yesterday, I visited the restaurant and ordered the Chef’s Wings as an appetizer and the Jerk Chicken Pasta as a main entree. 

For $8, I got six sauced-up, crispy chicken wings in what was described to me as their “mystery sauce.”  It tasted like a mixture of barbecue and hot sauce - it was BOOMIN'! 


The $12 Jerk Chicken Pasta is my absolute favourite! I've had it before and it always bangs! There is a GENEROUS amount of boneless jerk chicken sprinkled around the rich butter sauce pasta with sautéed spinach, red onion, and roasted peppers.

Image (1).png

The atmosphere of Under The Table is what keeps all of their customers coming back. The close-knit staff provides QUALITY service to their customers and they make it their business to establish a relationship with them.


With an inexpensive menu filled with food you will never forget, I encourage you guys to go and check out Under The Table TODAY! 

Here Is Something To Expect: 

Although this is a great food spot, don't be surprised if you have to order your food to go. The restaurant isn't spacious and it can only accommodate a certain amount of people. 

Whenever you guys get the chance to check out Under The Table, PLEASE let me know how it went by commenting below! 

And tell them Chelly sent you! 



Address: 69 Kensington Avenue

About two weeks ago, I was in Kensington Market grabbing a quick dinner with my bestie, when we stumbled upon tons of people chowing down on what appeared to be some seriously delicious tacos. 

The tacos had so many yummy things on them, that the foodie in me had to ask where these people were getting their food from. 

One lady, stuffing her face with a mouth-watering shrimp taco, pointed down the street and boom! There it was. We had just discovered Seven Lives. 

Fast forward to this past weekend, I made my way down to the tiny yet accommodating taco spot.

The bubbly cashier greeted me and recommended some of their “most popular" tacos. 
I went ahead and ordered the Gobernador Shrimp Taco and the Baja Fish Taco.


As soon as I got my food, I pounced on the Gobernador Shrimp Taco! It was only right since I am a die-hard shrimp fan. The Gobernador was a burst of flavour! It contained a generous amount of shrimp, smoked marlin, cheese, topped with tomato sauce and onion pickles. That was BOMB! 

As for the Baja Fish Taco which was allegedly one of the “most popular” tacos, I was regretting my $6 after the first bite. Talk about bland! The fish had no flavour and all I could think of while chewing on it was, “this is so watery!”

The taco consisted of a deep fried haddock with cabbage (kind of tasted like coleslaw) diced tomatoes, and their white house sauce. 

To complement my tacos, I got a little basic and ordered a pineapple Jarritos, which helped me wash down that boring Baja fish taco. 

All in all, my experience at Seven Lives was good.
Here Are Some Things To Expect: 
Depending on the time of day, be sure to expect a line up that is out the door. There’s also not much seating, so have fun sharing a table with some taco lovers as you quickly scarf down the taco of your choice. 

Unfortunately, Seven Lives is cash only, but there are tons of places in the area that you can go to withdraw money.

Whenever you guys get the chance to check out Seven Lives, PLEASE let me know how it went by commenting below!