Address: 619 College Street


Last week, I felt like indulging in a good-ole, hearty burger and I just so happened to come across an Instagram photo of Rudy’s on my explore page.   

Rudy is a minimalistic burger joint located on College between Clinton and Grace Street.  
This charismatic spot offers up a mean menu with simple food options like the "Rudy" burger.  

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I was advised by the owner to get the “Rude Dude” ($8.99) - a well-done double cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato, and “Rudy Sauce.”   
It was amazing! The burger tasted so fresh and juicy! The patties were crispy, the cheese was melted to the tee, and the “Rudy Sauce” reminded me of McDonald’s Big Mac sauce – SO GOOD! 


A burger isn’t complete without fries. I also ordered skinny-cut fries ($3.49) with gravy ($1.49) and a thick Vanilla milkshake ($5). The fries tasted like regular fries and the milkshake literally tasted like creamy vanilla ice cream in a cup.  

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Unlike most restaurants, you’re able to see what goes into your food and how it is being prepared. What I loved the most about Rudy’s is that the patties are grilled right in front of you.


Rudy is a fairly large restaurant with a diner feel. The service is pretty quick and you get a lot of food for price you pay. 

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Here Is Something To Expect:  

Rudy takes all methods of payment except for credit. However, this restaurant is surrounded by many banks, so you can withdraw money at any point and time. 

If you’re having an intense burger craving, I recommend you head over to Rudy right now!  

PLEASE let me know how it went by commenting below!