Address: 605 Yonge Street

Two weeks ago, my girl Morgan shared an Insta post with me that featured a new Italian spot downtown called Dal Moro’s. 

Now if you know me well, you know how much I LOVE pasta!  

Judging by the yummy pictures and videos people were sharing, I could tell this wasn’t your average Italian restaurant.  

Dal Moro’s offered something that was unique and that was pasta-on-the-go!  

Intrigued by the concept, Morgan and I made our way to Bloor and Yonge to get a taste.  

Despite its tight space, the décor has a modern touch with hints of Italy displayed throughout.  


The set-up is neat and reminds me of Subway as there are displays of different types of pasta, sauce and toppings used to customize your meal. 

Dal Moro’s menu is also reasonably priced and clearly states its extra charges for add-ons like bacon bits, seafood and mozzarella cheese.  

photo 2018-08-14, 4 31 23 pm.jpeg

I was torn choosing my pasta and sauce. The manager recommended that I try the linguine in their popular Momma Rosa sauce and I ordered just that ($9). I added chicken, (extra charge - $1) chilli flakes, parmesan, and mozzarella cheese just to jazz it up. (extra charge - $1).

photo 2018-08-14, 5 03 48 pm.jpeg

Morgan ordered a creamy chicken Alfredo linguine ($12) topped with bacon bits (extra charge - $1) and the three standard toppings accompanied with a glass of sweet white wine. ($6) 


Our food tasted like heaven! The pasta was fresh and the sauce was flavourful!  

Dal Moro’s makes their pasta every morning using special machinery, offer three free toppings (chilli flakes, parmesan cheese, and green olives) and have vegan options.  

Aside from selling regular pops,  they also have a unique selection of drinks like the Masi Modello and Fantini Farnese wine.  

My favourite thing about this restaurant besides the awesome food and service, was the take-out boxes.  Don't let the small box fool you! They are deep and can store lots of pasta! You'll definitely be stuffed once you're done eating it. 

photo 2018-08-14, 4 42 55 pm.jpeg