Address: 568B Parliament Street


I could not wait to start Chelly Eats Too Much just so I could share this hidden gem with all of you.

Under The Table is an underground restaurant located on Parliament and Wellesley. It is where the Caribbean and comfort food meet. 

Yesterday, I visited the restaurant and ordered the Chef’s Wings as an appetizer and the Jerk Chicken Pasta as a main entree. 

For $8, I got six sauced-up, crispy chicken wings in what was described to me as their “mystery sauce.”  It tasted like a mixture of barbecue and hot sauce - it was BOOMIN'! 


The $12 Jerk Chicken Pasta is my absolute favourite! I've had it before and it always bangs! There is a GENEROUS amount of boneless jerk chicken sprinkled around the rich butter sauce pasta with sautéed spinach, red onion, and roasted peppers.

Image (1).png

The atmosphere of Under The Table is what keeps all of their customers coming back. The close-knit staff provides QUALITY service to their customers and they make it their business to establish a relationship with them.


With an inexpensive menu filled with food you will never forget, I encourage you guys to go and check out Under The Table TODAY! 

Here Is Something To Expect: 

Although this is a great food spot, don't be surprised if you have to order your food to go. The restaurant isn't spacious and it can only accommodate a certain amount of people. 

Whenever you guys get the chance to check out Under The Table, PLEASE let me know how it went by commenting below! 

And tell them Chelly sent you!